Amber Burns 10 Book Alien Tentacle Abduction MEGA-Bundle: Amber Burns



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Amber Burns 10 Book Alien Tentacle Abduction MEGA-Bundle:  by  Amber Burns

Amber Burns 10 Book Alien Tentacle Abduction MEGA-Bundle: by Amber Burns
| Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 150 pages | ISBN: | 10.52 Mb

This incredible bundle from Amber Burns contains 10 steamy stories with aliens abductions and the sexy experiments and activities that unfold.- Alien Tentacle Chronicles: The First Abduction- Alien Tentacle Chronicles: The Seeding- Alien Tentacle Chronicles: The Milky WayThe Alien Tentacle Chronicles follow the story of Summer and Enx. Enx is an alien in search of a genetic match to enable his dying species to reproduce again. His scans find Summer, and Enx brings her to his ship to perform some tests to confirm physical compatibility. Once compatibility is ascertained, the intergalactic couple proceed with the fertile seeding process which produce new hybrid offspring.

Being alien, the offspring have no need of Summers cream and she and Enx find other ways to enjoy it.- Seized by Aliens: Alaynas Secrets- Seized by Aliens: Alaynas Raw Cream- Seized by Aliens: Alaynas LimitsAlaynas Seized by Aliens series features a telepathic alien species, the Unglo, who take interest in a woman whos days are consumed with dirty thoughts for her coworkers. Zaxion, the commander of the alien ship, personally takes charge of Alaynas abduction and subsequent experiments. In one experiment, Zaxion tests a new drug on Alaya causing increased sexual stamina and an unexpected creamy bounty!- Alien Tentacle Chronicles 2255: The Surrogate - In the future humans can volunteer to become surrogates for aliens.

One woman is accepted to the program meets her donor.- Alien Tentacle Chronicles: Now She Believes - An intern astronomer believes she is on the verge of a monumental discovery, life beyond Earth! In her quest to learn more she soon discovers that the aliens have already made contact with certain humans, in more ways that one.- Alien Tentacle Chronicles: Taken From the Sea - As the only woman aboard a pirate ship, Olivia enjoys certain privileges. When the ship encounters rough seas caused by an alien ship rising from the depths, Olivia finds herself rescued by the aliens and is willing to do whatever they want as thanks.- Alien Tentacle Chronicles: Taken From the Farm - Hannah, a small town woman, is taken from her farm and finds herself aboard an alien ship.

The aliens need Hannah for her ample supply of cream and commence harvesting it from her, much to Hannahs enjoyment.

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